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I work in what's called "music preparation" for film, TV, and video game soundtracks.  I'm very grateful to be part of a brilliant team of trained composers and musicians.  Together, we help media composers get their music ready for recording sessions.


Orchestral musicians need music to read so they know what to play.  Music preparation exists to service that particular need. Music librarians function to update the music in real time, so the scoring session is as fluid as it needs to be, depending on the project.

As a music librarian, my role is to help the unparalleled caliber of studio musicians in Los Angeles deliver the essential musical score to the films you love.  This places me on the scoring stage with the orchestra, often requiring high-pressure industry applications of music orchestration and parts preparation, along with critical listening skills to correct any mistakes after a single take, if not prior to recording the first take.


I'm looking forward to collaborating more in the future, either on creative projects or helping you get your media music recorded.   

Thank you for your time on this site.  Your interest is sincerely appreciated!  Please feel free to connect through the message portal below:




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That's me, sitting at the librarian's desk of the Newman Scoring Stage (20th Century Studios) and soaking in this incredible experience.  Very grateful to be a part of this world.
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